Must Take Items for your Camping Trip

When you are packing for a camping trip you will surely have to be extra careful to take everything along. Unlike a city vacation where any item left behind can be picked up at a local store, camping is a totally different proposition. A missed box of matches can leave you cold and uncomfortable in the middle of nowhere simply because you are unable to light a fire. Hence it is always advisable to have a bag packed with all the essential things and keep it ready at all times. Simply dump it into your backpack and you are ready to go off to the wilderness.

Here is a list of must haves for you.

  • First Aid Kit – One of the things that any camper is bound to bring back home is a couple of burns, scratches or cuts. Hence a first aid kit should be on the top of your list. It is not necessary to take anything elaborate. A couple of ointments, antiseptic lotions and gauges and band-aid should do.
  • Pack of matches – At some point you have to start a fire, either to keep warm or grill the day’s catch of trout. Without a fire your camping options become limited. Buy matches in bulk and take it with you. You can leave them in your camping essentials bag for ages.
  • Tarps – A waterproof sheet always helps, whether it is to cover the ground before pitching your tent or as an extra protection for your campsite. Tarps can be folded tightly and take up only a small amount of space.
  • Flashlight or Headlamp – These are very important, not only for safety reasons but also if you want to avoid stumbling in the dark to the bathroom. It is also advisable not to pack the flashlight or the lantern in your main luggage. Keep them handy in your car as you might need it should you arrive at the camping site after dark.
  • Maps and compass – In today’s world what with GPS on your smart phone or car, you might wonder why you would need a compass or maps. But think of the times when you might not get signals in remote areas or you have ventured out into forests or dusty trails for hiking. You will have to bank more on a compass than your GPS device.
  • Rope – A rope is a multi-utility tool at a campsite. Make a clothes line out of it to hang your wet clothes or create a temporary shelter with tarps or even tow people out of tough situations during a swim or a hike. It is so important that you should never venture out on a camping trip without a rope.
  • Pocket Knife- Generally known as a Swiss Army Knife, it takes up almost no space in your bag but can get you out of difficult situations. It has a variety of small knives, small scissors, a corkscrew and a saw. This one unit can substitute for a range of tools that you would otherwise have had to carry with you.

Do not forget these items on your next camping trip and spend your vacation without a care in the world.