Let’s Talk About Teak Planks Floor

Published On June 29, 2019 | By ggk | Teak Ideas

Today we want to address the issue of teak planks for external use and, specifically, we want to see what its characteristics are. There are two fundamental factors that determine if a wood is suitable for outdoor use, they are its natural durability and its density. Before moving on, it is worth noting that wood for outdoor use is permanently exposed to climatic elements such as sunlight, rain, humidity and biological agents such as fungi or insects.

Teak Lumber Lowes

Teak Lumber Lowes

These elements and agents impose special requirements that wood must have for exterior use. The classification of the teak planks will be made according to their final use: Marine constructions, boats and canoes; civil constructions; constructions for the home; and decks and furniture. This wood is highly resistant to attack by fungi and insects and has duration for outdoor use of more than 15 years. This wood is appreciated in heavy constructions, bridges, poles and carretería.

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The main characteristic that teak planks should have to build this type of structures is that they are resistant to water, salt and marine drillers such as molluscs and crustaceans. Its natural durability is classified between moderate and high and is very resistant to marine drillers. It is used especially in the construction of canoes and parts for boats.

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