Teak Countertops: So Fashionable Lately

Published On April 25, 2019 | By ggk | Countertop

Yesterday afternoon, reviewing a kitchen project, I was raised the question of whether or not to put a wooden teak countertops . The truth is that aesthetically they are very good, because there is nothing like wood to give that warm and pleasant air that is sought in a home. In addition, the wood is perfect for spaces to which they want to give a rustic or industrial look , both so fashionable lately.

Diy Wood Kitchen Countertops

Diy Wood Kitchen Countertops

But when we stop to think about whether the wooden countertops are practical or not is when the controversy breaks. As we all know, wood teak countertops is a living material , which despite treatments that may have received, is transformed with moisture, changes in temperature, etc. And it’s porous, so it sucks everything that comes into contact with it …

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The wooden teak countertops require, therefore, more care and maintenance . We can not cut on it, expose it to heat or liquids, or clean it with aggressive products, etc. There are even people who question the issue of hygiene when it comes to handling food on it. What do you think? For or against the wooden counter as a work surface in the kitchen?

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